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Juli 11, 2005

London and Srebrenica

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London is under attack! On Thursday morning, 7 July 2005 four explosions killed 50 and injured 700 people. This was happened when Prime Minister Tony Blair was in occasion of G8 Meeting in Scotland. He quickly stated that the most probably bombers are “Islamist terrorists” but quickly added that he believes that most of Muslims in England are not to be connected with those terrorists. This is the report of the BBC, and attacks against the mosques are already taking place.
We condolence the victims from WTC 11 September 2001, Bali 12 October 2002, Madrid 11 March 2004, and now London 7 July 2005. Those acts have been condemned by people all over the world and let them be an example how killings replace wisdom and how untrust replaces humanity. But so called “general accusations” – mainly against Muslim and Islamic symbols like woman headscarf – do happen everywhere in Western world as much as accusations against the Western colonial powers in the third world.
There was another atrocity in Europe. In Srebrenica, July 1995, 8,000 Bosnian Muslims lost their lives in the hand of Serb General Ratko Mladic, who is still searched to be brought to international trial. Four days after London bombings, Foreign Ministers of French, Dutch, and UK were present in Srebrenica, to commemorate “the worst atrocity in Europe since World War II”. But should we live always in anger, hostility, and revenge?
No, I say. And let’s stop this spiral of violence. Soumayya Ganoushi wrote an article about this. And believe me, one question to be answered is “do you love others more, just the same, or less than you love yourselves?”


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