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Juni 7, 2005

They have rejected

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The Dutchmen have rejected. Also those Frenchmen. The EU constitution, which has been also initiated by Vallery Giscard d’Estaing, one of respected former French president, is not only in crossroad: it is nearly dead. Even President Chirac of France, Chancellor Schröder of Germany, and Prime Minister Balkenende of Holland can not resist this decision. The Spiegel magazine cited it as “People’s rebellion against the bureaucrats”. It signalized anger and unsymphatic feelings amongst the people, that the state sovereignity will be taken and be given to EU in Brussel; both of arguments of those who are pros and cons are mainly of economic reason.
The pros say that Europe needs a better competition in order to remain one of world’s power. On the other side, some critics say that one European constitution will take states’ ability to protect its citizens. One example: how could EU protect millions of jobs in Western EU countries from cheap labour from Eastern EU countries? Yet the problem of Turkey, whose process will begin in October 2005 to discuss a certain time Turkey can enter EU. Most of Europeans are not ready to accept Turkey.
Is there any possibility for a “constitutional” people rebellion against bureacracies in Indonesia?


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