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Mei 5, 2005

“Jangan Berdiri Dekat Pintu”

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My favourite public transportation in Jakarta is Trans Jakarta Busway. For the first time a Jakarta bus service can afford a cheap and reliable transportation, although it is very limited between Blok-M and Kota.
A small instruction in the bus caught my eyes. It says “Jangan Berdiri Dekat Pintu” (Don’t stand close the door). I think it is quite different with what I saw in Germany. In the S-Bahn there written something like “Don’t stand in front of the yellow line”, which is more clear with the yellow line. Does it have something to do with Indonesian way of thinking, which sometimes avoids clear definitions and very “flexible” indeed?


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  1. wooo memang teliti sekali nano itu.

    itu sudah dirancang,herr estananto. kalo yellow line nya ilang kan instruksi kayak di njerman itu malah mbingungi.


    Komentar oleh Anonymous — Mei 5, 2005 @ 10:49 pm | Balas

  2. lagian pintu itu kan abstrak.
    benar pintu (door) atau frame pintunya saja (kalau pintunya sudah raib) . Smart Rules for Long Term Smart People 🙂

    Komentar oleh i m a n — Oktober 13, 2005 @ 9:44 am | Balas

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